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Economic Health

US Economic Outlook — August D&B Health Tracker Reveals Unevenness

BIZMOLOGY — The August 2014 installment of Dun & Bradstreet’s US Economic Health Tracker revealed more mixed signals for US businesses. The monthly report, compiled by Paul Ballew, D&B’s chief […]


Will China Turn to Africa for Low-Cost Labor?

BIZMOLOGY — For years US companies turned to China for low-cost manufacturing, but those days are quickly drifting into history. More US manufacturers are discovering that in some cases it […]

Oil Money

How Exxon Mobil’s Refinery Expansion Could Change the Industry

BIZMOLOGY — According to a report on the Reuters international news website, Exxon Mobil’s Beaumont, Texas-based refinery could expand to become the US’s largest, overtaking the Motiva Enterprises complex in […]

Canadian Business

Four Dynamic Facts of the Canadian Market Influencing Risk Management

BIZMOLOGY — D&B Canadian customers have leveraged D&B’s insight through many difficult economic periods. The Canadian database has grown by almost 600,000 records in the past three years, with a […]