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The Rise of Anti-EU Parties: A Danger to Business in Europe

The rise of anti-European Union sentiment poses a threat not just to the economies of the countries in the region; it also could disrupt business for thousands of companies that operate across national borders. Adverse effects on companies could range from higher EU labor costs due to tighter immigration rules and higher transaction …

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US Retailers: Get Ready for the “Diderot Effect”

As the US housing market revs up again, it’s worth taking a moment to remember 18th-century French philosopher Denis Diderot. After receiving a gift of a beautiful new dressing gown, […]


Halliburton to Buy Baker Hughes for $35 Billion

Sagging oil prices have not dampened Halliburton’s appetite to expand its role in the oilfield services sector. In fact, they may have helped prompt the company to announce this week […]


Net Neutrality Complicates Telecom Merger

Back in February of this year, Comcast and Time Warner Cable announced a strategic combination of the two companies, with Comcast buying Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion. The combined entity […]

Wal-Mart Black Friday

Wal-Mart Extends Black Friday to Black Five-Day

Black Friday 2014 is just two weeks away. But this year the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season may be a little less frantic. Indeed, avid shoppers keen to bag […]