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Adam Anderson

Country risk assessments and international insights – knowledge is power

by Adam Anderson | Dun & Bradstreet Editor

January 24, 2013 | No Comments »

globeIf the 2008 recession illustrated anything, it was that what starts in one country can impact an entire region or the world.

Understanding a country’s economic condition can go a long way to help a company decide how that country fits into its own growth strategy. D&B (Hoover’s and First Research’s parent company) provides country risk assessments that identify the economic and other challenges facing over 200 countries. An abbreviated version of these reports is now available as part of First Research’s subscriber site. Full reports can be purchased at D&B Country Reports.

Coverage includes an analysis of risk trends, top companies doing business in the country, and an overview of the economic, political, and cultural realities. Combined with industry coverage by First Research and company data provided in Hoover’s, these assessments offer powerful insight for developing cross-border business strategy.

Doing business in Uruguay? You will be happy to know that D&B considers its risk trend to be stable. Iceland? After the implosion the small Arctic country suffered (and inflicted) in the aftermath of the 2008 recession, it’s been marked improving.

D&B takes multiple factors into account and also provides in-depth reports for each country.

Additionally, First Research industry editors continue to increase the amount of international information in industry profiles. More than 150 of First Research’s industry profiles contain international and insight information, and First Research also maintains over 30 profiles about Canadian industries. Industry coverage includes the key economic drivers of each industry as well as the top issues and challenges faced by the sector. For example, in the US health care sector we know that costs are rising steeply, and we know the factors driving those costs. But health care in Europe faces the same challenges – an aging population, a shortage of doctors, and increased technology costs. Understanding this impact on your customers or prospects is extremely valuable.

Now it’s easier than ever to understand the economic conditions of your international customers with D&B country risk reports and First Research’s international insight.


Photo by Ralf Peter Reimann used under a Creative Commons license.

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