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Linnea Kirgan

First Research adds four industry profiles

by Linnea Kirgan | Dun & Bradstreet Editor

May 1, 2013 | No Comments »

Insight photoBIZMOLOGY — Soda doesn’t have the pop it once had with US consumers. Soda manufacturers have seen demand fizzle in recent years thanks to an increasingly health-conscious public and new competition from alternative beverages. In 2012 US soft drink sales fell 1.2 percent compared to 2011, reaching the lowest level since 1996. Learn more about the trends and challenges facing this industry in our new profile: soft drink manufacturing.

Soft drink manufacturing is one of the four new industry profiles we completed in April 2013 in the First Research database. After listening to our subscribers’ suggestions and examining our industry offerings, we’re building our database with important sector profiles and niche industries garnering attention.

If you have an upcoming sales call or client meeting in one of these industries, our profiles can help get you up to speed on the latest trends. Be sure to check them out:

Soft Drink Manufacturing: This industry generates some $34 billion in the US. Industry opportunities include international expansion into emerging economies and private-label products, while challenges involve dependence on bottling partners and fluctuating raw material costs.

Film & Video: With US revenues of $85 billion, this industry expects growth in the next two years to come from increased digital content distribution and higher box office returns from overseas markets such as Brazil, China, and Russia.

Office, School & Art Supplies Manufacturing: One challenge for this $4 billion US industry is consumers’ increased use of technology instead of writing utensils to communicate.

Control, Electromedical, Measuring & Navigational Instruments Manufacturing: A $135 billion industry in the US, this industry sees growth in additional border-security spending, rising international demand for medical devices, and growing export markets in China and India.

First Research offers insight on nearly 400 industries to help professionals make the most informed business decisions. Industry profiles contain an overview, trends, opportunities, challenges, global data, charts and graphs, and other insights. Our call-prep sheet is popular with customers who need to get up to speed on an industry quickly.

Where can you find First Research content? Visit our stand-alone site, our add-on to a Hoover’s subscription, or in select D&B products.

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