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First Research Adds New Profiles

by Adam Anderson | Dun & Bradstreet Editor

June 26, 2013 | No Comments »

Insight photoBIZMOLOGY — With natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, fires, and hurricanes making headlines, keeping vital records safe has become a priority for many businesses. Information storage firms, which keep backup copies of certain records in off-site locations in the event of a disaster, have seen business increase as a result of companies revisiting their corporate disaster recovery and business continuity plans. First Research recently added coverage of the $3 billion information and records management services sector.

Information and records management services is one of the four new industry profiles added in June 2013 to the First Research database. We’re adding new profiles monthly in 2013 to build our database in response to subscribers’ feedback and a review of our industry offerings. (Visit my last blog post to learn which profiles were added in May.)

Customers use First Research industry insight to better understand the risks and opportunities in certain markets. Check out our newest industry profiles:

Electronic Test & Measurement Instruments Manufacturing: This $10 billion US industry contains companies that test electrical properties and signals. This sector is diversifying into promising new end-user markets such as the high-growth electromedical device industry, which grew 20 percent in a recent five-year period.

Eyewear Manufacturing: Emerging markets are a growth area for this $5 billion US industry that includes eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lens manufacturers. Bausch & Lomb, for example, generated 25 percent of net sales in 2012 from emerging markets including Brazil, China, India, and Russia.

Information & Records Management Services: A growing emphasis on privacy and data protection is a trend positively impacting the $3 billion industry. Many companies have found themselves seeking outside assistance to help enact their comprehensive data security programs. Firms are budgeting funds to keep information secure and avoid privacy violations, identity theft, and personal information mismanagement.

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing: Companies in the $750 billion US industry make transportation equipment, including cars, aircraft, railroad parts, ships, and boats. The industry sees growth in international markets. Sales of transportation equipment to China more than doubled between 2008 and 2012, while new trade agreements are expected to boost sales to Central and South America, the EU, and the Asia/Pacific region in upcoming years. The largest markets for US transportation equipment exports are Canada and Mexico.

First Research now offers insight on more than 400 industries to help guide professionals in their business decisions. Profiles contain a comprehensive set of data in an easy-to-digest format. In a hurry? Our call-prep sheet is a popular way to quickly get up to speed on an industry.

Where can you find First Research content? Visit our stand-alone site, our add-on to a Hoover’s subscription, or in select D&B products.



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