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Anne Law

First Research Has Four New Industry Reports

by Anne Law | Dun & Bradstreet Editor

May 11, 2015 | No Comments »

Satellite-Copper-Mine_990pxMetal and mineral mining companies are increasingly using global positioning, communications, and imaging satellites (GPS) to improve exploration, production, and reclamation efforts. GPS technology is used with mining machinery to make delivery of metals and minerals more efficient and safer, and to help place explosives with maximum precision in blasting holes. In exploration, imaging satellites are used to analyze land areas for sites that have metal deposits; they can depict precise locations of seams and deposits to allow for greater recovery of the mineral.

To learn more about the Copper & Nickel Mining industry ($9 billion annual US revenue), visit our new profile. The report is one of four new industry profiles added by First Research editors in April. First Research has an ongoing process of adding new industry content. For a sneak peak of other new profiles added in 2015, see last month’s post from my colleague Catherine Colbert.

First Research customers use our industry insight to better understand business in a given market. Take a look at some of the trends, challenges, and opportunities from our newest profiles:

Magnetic & Optical Media Manufacturing & Reproduction ($2.6 billion in annual US revenue):

Contraction — Factors including industry consolidation, offshoring, manufacturing automation, and disruptive technologies have resulted in a significant reduction in media manufacturing and reproduction jobs in the US. Between 2004 and 2014, US industry employment decreased by 50 percent. Employment will likely continue to fall in mature markets as the industry looks to emerging regions for growth.

Photographic & Optical Equipment/Supplies Manufacturing ($7 billion in annual US revenue):

Smartphones Reduce Demand for Digital Cameras — Digital camera sales have fallen steadily every year since 2008, when smartphones first began to eat into the consumer photography market. Sales of cameras with built-in lenses have been hit particularly hard — shipments declined by more than 35 percent in 2014, according to the Camera and Imaging Products Association. In hopes of offsetting some of that loss, the industry is marketing cameras with interchangeable lenses as superior, more professional alternatives to smartphone cameras. Still, sales in that category fell by almost 20 percent outside Japan in 2014.

Power Tool & Lawn/Garden Equipment Manufacturing ($12 billion in annual US revenue):

More Powerful, Efficient Tools, Equipment — Amid consumer demand and stricter government regulations, makers of power tools and lawn and garden equipment have made strides in improving product performance while increasing engine and battery efficiency and power. Lithium-ion battery and brushless motor technologies have increased power and run time and reduced battery charging times for power tools. Lawn and garden equipment manufacturers are developing more products with fuel-injected engines to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

First Research offers insight on hundreds of industries to help guide professionals in their business decisions. Profiles contain a comprehensive set of data in an easy-to-digest format. In a hurry? Our call-prep sheet is a popular way to quickly get up to speed on an industry.

Where can you find First Research content? Visit our stand-alone site, our add-on to a Hoover’s subscription, or in select D&B products.

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