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Adam Anderson

New 2015 Report: How CFOs Use Twitter

by Adam Anderson | Dun & Bradstreet Editor

May 19, 2015 | No Comments »

Twitter 3Our friends at social media agency Leadtail recently released a report on how CFOs are using social media, and the results are quite interesting.

The report, done in collaboration with cloud accounting software provider Intacct, addresses several salient topics and questions on how financial executives use Twitter. What news sources do they follow? What topics are they interested in sharing and retweeting? What brands do they often mention?

The report from Leadtail surveyed around 500 US-based senior finance professionals working at companies of all sizes during the fourth quarter of 2014. They typically had the titles of CFO and VP of Finance.

The survey tracked a total of 48,050 tweets and nearly 25,216 shared links. On Twitter the CFOs were more likely to tweet content from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This pie chart displays the types of content they shared.

The top five news and lifestyle sources shared by all CFOs were:

  1. New York Times

  2. Washington Post

  3. Huffington Post

  4. USA Today

  5. Time

What content are CFOs sharing? The top five people and publications most retweeted by CFOs were:

  1. @WSJ

  2. @HarvardBiz

  3. @Sportscenter

  4. @Inc. Magazine

  5. @TheEconomist

What are the takeaways? Obviously, there is a reason such high-profile news sites as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes can charge an arm and a leg for advertising. These sources will always draw in top executive readers, so advertisers could leverage promoted tweets attached to similar content as a means to get noticed inside CFOs’ Twitter feeds.

Many of the brands above were also among the list of brands CFOs mentioned the most. Mentions represent a much deeper level of engagement than a simple retweet. Think of Twitter as conversations in our daily lives; we mention brands that we are most connected to.

The report also shows which hashtags CFOs mention the most. If you are wanting to get in touch with high-ranking financial exceutives, you should be on the lookout for hashtags such as #startups, #BlackFriday, and #smallbiz, among many others.

We’ve only hit upon some key highlights of the Leadtail survey. Here is a link for readers interested in downloading the entire report.


Adam Anderson is the managing editor of Bizmology. He has worked at Hoover’s in several editor roles writing about various industries since 2004. He has his BS in media studies from the University of Texas. Follow Adam on Twitter.


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