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Linet Krouse

Executives on the Move: The Week of August 1st – 5th

by Linet Krouse | Dun & Bradstreet Editor

August 8, 2016 | No Comments »


Here are just a few of the interesting executive changes making headlines over this past week:

Novanta Says Yes to Glastra

Medical technologies supplier Novanta named Matthijs Glastra as its new CEO, effective September 1, 2016. Glastra is the company’s current COO and succeeds John Roush. Roush, who was CEO of the company for six years, will remain after September 1 in order to oversee a short transitional period. Glastra started at Novanta four years ago as group president and was promoted to COO in February 2015. Before working for Novanta, he enjoyed an 18-year career with various divisions of Philips.

Symantec Buys Blue Coat and Gets Clark

Digital security provider Symantec gained a new CEO, Gregory Clark, on August 1 with its purchase of Blue Coat. Clark served as CEO of Blue Coat for nearly five years and replaces Symantec’s Michael Brown. He has a history of founding small technology startups that are later bought by large IT companies. Clark then serves in an executive capacity at the larger company. In addition, Blue Coat’s Michael Fey became the new president and COO.

Sliva Climbs the TreeHouse

Prepackaged food and beverage manufacturer TreeHouse Foods is electing a new president. Chris Sliva is being promoted from his previous positions as EVP and COO, TreeHouse Foods and president, Bay Valley Foods. With his most recent promotion, Sliva will have full responsibility for both brands. He joined TreeHouse in July 2012 from Dean Foods, where he held leadership over its Morningstar subsidiary and WhiteWave Foods. Since Sliva has started with TreeHouse, he’s emphasized manufacturing private-brand foods for other distributors.

Look for more Executives on the Move next week!

Linet Krouse is a SWAT Editor for Hoover’s. Previously, she performed quality assurance for Dun & Bradstreet’s global customer operations. Before joining D&B, Linet’s work experience includes customer service, property management, and benefits administration.

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