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John Willis

Executives on the Move: The Week of December 12th – 16th

by John Willis | Dun & Bradstreet Editor

December 19, 2016 | No Comments »

Here are just a few of the interesting executive changes making headlines over this past week:

Exxon Mobil’s CEO Heads to Washington

President-elect Donald Trump interviewed several candidates over the last few weeks to head the Department of State, but ultimately gave the nod to Exxon Mobil chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson. He’s held that post for a decade and worked for the giant oil company for a full 40 years. Exxon quickly announced Tillerson’s retirement at the end of the year, just three months before he would have had to step down due to age. His replacement has already been tapped; he’s Darren Woods, the current company president, in that position for a year after joining Exxon in 1992. The current secretary of state is John Kerry, a former US senator, who has held the spot since 2013. The first to occupy the seat back in the late 18th century was future president Thomas Jefferson.

CKE Restaurants Also Loses Its Leader to DC

Trump drafted another businessman to a cabinet post (like Tillerson, subject to Senate approval) when he nominated Andrew Puzder, the current CEO of California-based CKE Restaurants Holdings, to be the next secretary of labor. CKE, the owner and franchisor of fast-food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Food, has been led by Puzder, a lawyer, since 2000. The company is waiting for Puzder to be confirmed before announcing who will take his place. The current head of the labor department is Thomas Perez, also an attorney, who’s been on the job for most of President Obama’s second term.

Hertz to Change Top Exec in New Year

Famed car renter Hertz Global Holdings announced that in early January there will be a new president and CEO in charge. She’s Kathryn Marinello, new to the company but a former CEO at customer-service firm Stream Global and payroll processor Ceridian as well as a longtime executive at GE and its various branches. Marinello replaces John Tague, who has held the positions for two years after arriving from freight transporter Cardinal Logistics.

D&B Chief Adds a Title

And close to home, business data provider Dun & Bradstreet released the news that its CEO, Robert Carrigan, has appended the chairmanship of the company to his duties. Carrigan became the chief executive just over three years ago after helming publisher International Data Group for five years. Stepping down from the chair is Christopher Coughlin, who took office at the same time as Carrigan; he will remain on the board until May.

Look for more Executives on the Move next week!


John Willis has been an editor at Hoover’s/Dun & Bradstreet for more than two decades. He mainly polishes up others’ writing but occasionally adds, then edits, his own words in Executive on the Move blog posts.

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