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The proverbial stone in the pond demonstrates how what happens on one side of our hyper-connected world can impact us all. Bizmology, the Hoover’s business blog site, is dedicated to tracking the waves of change as they radiate throughout commerce.

Bizmology posts are business viewpoints researched and written by Hoover’s editors who track the endless stream of change to industries and businesses. Sales and marketing professionals can keep up with business changes using both Hoover’s Online and First Research. And here on Bizmology, editors offer their unique viewpoints on how the major news events of the day impact the business information they watch over. No one does it better.

So the next time you need a conversation starter or interesting viewpoint when pitching to a new client, pay Bizmology a visit. We make it easier to keep you in the know.

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Greg Perliski - Director of Editorial, Hoover’s




 Adam Anderson – Managing Editor, Bizmology