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Linnea Kirgan is an industry editor for First Research/Hoover's, covering retail and consumer topics. Follow her on Twitter.

Target Aims Smaller with TargetExpress

With sales stalling at its traditional big box stores, Target is refocusing its attention on its smallest store format: TargetExpress. The company opened its first TargetExpress in Minneapolis in summer […]

Solar Panels

Security Firms See Bright Future in Solar Panels

In a somewhat unlikely marriage, home security companies are heating up the largely untapped solar panel installation marketplace. The solar division of home security firm Vivint has turned into the […]


Pay with Bitcoin? More Merchants Say Yes

BIZMOLOGY — Add Dell to the list of respected merchants now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Helping customers buy “digital with digital” is a reason given by the Round […]

Price Value

Can “Webrooming” Revive Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

BIZMOLOGY — Brick-and-mortar retailers have long viewed showrooming — the act of researching a product in a store but then buying it online — as one of the many ways that […]


Can Malls Find Success Moving Beyond Retail?

BIZMOLOGY — Heading to the mall for groceries, a doctor’s appointment, or to go to class? That’s not out of the question these days. Today’s malls are undergoing a last-ditch transformation designed to shrink […]


Can Retailers Find Salvation in Leased In-Store Shops?

BIZMOLOGY — No man is an island, so the saying goes, and the same sentiment may hold true for today’s retailer. As the retail environment grows more complex and customers more demanding, […]


Up next: Will you shop at a mobile store on wheels?

BIZMOLOGY — While a novelty at first, mobile food trucks are now a staple of urban life for many city dwellers. The idea is also catching on with retailers. More are skipping the […]


Signs of growth for small businesses: D&B’s Paul Ballew

BIZMOLOGY — The small business environment is poised for growth after enduring several painful years of recession and a choppy recovery, according to D&B’s State of the Small Business Community webinar held Monday […]

D&B Economic Tracker shows industry growth for some sectors.

US economic outlook — May D&B Health Tracker reveals business services growth

  BIZMOLOGY — Strong gains in the business services and manufacturing segments are driving US job growth, according to the D&B May US Economic Health Tracker. The tracker report highlighted […]

More companies are using bike messengers to deliver goods.

Pedal power: Bicycle delivery adding eco-boost to businesses

BIZMOLOGY — One of the greenest ways to get around — the trusty bike — is becoming a transportation cornerstone for some up-and-coming companies. Bicycle delivery is re-emerging as an efficient, […]