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Linnea Kirgan is an industry editor for First Research/Hoover's, covering retail and consumer topics. Follow her on Twitter.

#SXSW Coverage: Can intrapreneurs help grow your company?

BIZMOLOGY — Here are some harsh statistics about challenges facing businesses in today’s fast-moving economy: *Only five out of 100 product launches are successful *70% of successful new businesses end […]

Savitt spoke to a standing-room only crowd at #sxsw.

#SXSW Coverage: Great brands create great experiences

BIZMOLOGY — When Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo as CEO in 2012, she began building a team of executives to bring the company back to greatness. One inspired hire was chief […]

New fangled T-shirted at sxsw

#SXSW Coverage: Tech trends for 2014

BIZMOLOGY — One of the South by Southwest Interactive sessions that stood out for its energy level Monday was 2014 Tech Trends. Hosted by Kevin O’Malley, president of TechTalk/Studio, the […]

Dining out

Dining at the department store back in vogue

BIZMOLOGY — Some of you might feel a little nostalgic reading about the recent expansion of restaurants in department stores. Janet Forgrieve wrote in a recent article about how department stores are increasingly turning […]


Trend: Wine growth to decline as boomers age

BIZMOLOGY — A shift in the most robust wine drinking population will lead the industry to adjust its strategy, according to Silicon Valley Bank’s annual Wine Industry Report. The report […]


Fresh insight: three new industry profiles on First Research

BIZMOLOGY — American households are increasingly finding it worthwhile to say no to the risks of homeownership and yes to the flexibility of renting. The renter share of all US households reached […]

Young Woman Loading Her Groceries Into The Trunk Of An Sport Utility Vehicle

Technology changing grocery pickup process

BIZMOLOGY — A trip to the grocery store is still a typical chore for most Americans. Not so in Europe, however, as shoppers there increasingly use a variety of pickup, drive-through, and delivery options […]

Insight photo

Get informed: Four new industry reports on First Research

BIZMOLOGY — One of the biggest trends in the restaurants and food service industry is on four wheels. US food truck revenues in 2012 were $650 million and are expected […]

Global managers shaking up the B2B distribution industry

BIZMOLOGY — has already proven itself to be a major headache for the retail industry. Now the powerful e-commerce company is setting its sights on the lucrative business-to-business distribution market with a […]

Online shopping

Retailers seek tech edge in Silicon Valley outposts

BIZMOLOGY — Some retailers are rolling up their sleeves and taking the proactive step of opening technology labs in Silicon Valley to fast-track innovations. A half-dozen large retailers have opened facilities in […]