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Linnea Kirgan is an industry editor for First Research/Hoover's, covering retail and consumer topics. Follow her on Twitter.

Pay with Bitcoin? More Merchants Say Yes

BIZMOLOGY — Add Dell to the list of respected merchants now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Helping customers buy “digital with digital” is a reason given by the Round […]

Price Value

Can “Webrooming” Revive Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

BIZMOLOGY — Brick-and-mortar retailers have long viewed showrooming — the act of researching a product in a store but then buying it online — as one of the many ways that […]


Can Malls Find Success Moving Beyond Retail?

BIZMOLOGY — Heading to the mall for groceries, a doctor’s appointment, or to go to class? That’s not out of the question these days. Today’s malls are undergoing a last-ditch transformation designed to shrink […]


Can Retailers Find Salvation in Leased In-Store Shops?

BIZMOLOGY — No man is an island, so the saying goes, and the same sentiment may hold true for today’s retailer. As the retail environment grows more complex and customers more demanding, […]


Up next: Will you shop at a mobile store on wheels?

BIZMOLOGY — While a novelty at first, mobile food trucks are now a staple of urban life for many city dwellers. The idea is also catching on with retailers. More are skipping the […]


Signs of growth for small businesses: D&B’s Paul Ballew

BIZMOLOGY — The small business environment is poised for growth after enduring several painful years of recession and a choppy recovery, according to D&B’s State of the Small Business Community webinar held Monday […]

D&B Economic Tracker shows industry growth for some sectors.

US economic outlook — May D&B Health Tracker reveals business services growth

  BIZMOLOGY — Strong gains in the business services and manufacturing segments are driving US job growth, according to the D&B May US Economic Health Tracker. The tracker report highlighted […]

More companies are using bike messengers to deliver goods.

Pedal power: Bicycle delivery adding eco-boost to businesses

BIZMOLOGY — One of the greenest ways to get around — the trusty bike — is becoming a transportation cornerstone for some up-and-coming companies. Bicycle delivery is re-emerging as an efficient, […]

Gregory Gunn, VP at Hootsuite, talks at his SXSW session.

#SXSW Coverage: Can intrapreneurs help grow your company?

BIZMOLOGY — Here are some harsh statistics about challenges facing businesses in today’s fast-moving economy: *Only five out of 100 product launches are successful *70% of successful new businesses end […]

Savitt spoke to a standing-room only crowd at #sxsw.

#SXSW Coverage: Great brands create great experiences

BIZMOLOGY — When Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo as CEO in 2012, she began building a team of executives to bring the company back to greatness. One inspired hire was chief […]