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Patrice Sarath is a writer and editor for First Research, covering the health care, insurance, and construction industries.

2014 food trends — a roundup

BIZMOLOGY — What will we put in our mouths in 2014? Here is a roundup of predictions for foods next year: think bold, spicy, colorful, and flavorful. Spice maven McCormick […]

When developing sales territories, make sure you plant your flag in fruitful regions.

First Research sales territory planning

BIZMOLOGY — As we’ve seen from my colleague Tracey Panek’s post on sales territory planning, Hoover’s Online is an essential resource for developing sales territories. Another great resource is Hoover’s […]

The Scanadu Scout -- the first medical tricorder crowdfunded on indiegogo.

Medical device company crowdfunds tricorder

BIZMOLOGY — Commercial science has always relied upon the kindness of strangers with money. An argument could be made that angel investors with their deep pockets and abiding faith in […]

emergency sign

The downside of high-deductible health plans

BIZMOLOGY — High-deductible health plans, lauded for their ability to reduce overuse of health care benefits and lower the costs of care, have a hidden dark side, according to Kaiser […]

This dog's outfit is just the tip of the $62 billion pet spending iceberg.

How much do we love our pets? $62 billion worth

BIZMOLOGY — Americans are slated to spend around $62 billion on their pets in 2013, according to industry magazine Pet Age. Vet care and pet food represent the largest chunks […]

recycling scrap

Scrap recycling injuries a black eye for waste industry

BIZMOLOGY — You don’t want to make the top 10 of this list. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently came out with its most dangerous occupations list. The good news […]


Census: Housing starts up in 2013

BIZMOLOGY — Construction and home sales are two of the biggest drivers of the economy. In the US, the value of residential construction put in place, a key measurement for […]

This hip young lady is the customer all salons want to cater to.

Hair color powers salon industry

BIZMOLOGY — What can that ‘do do for you? Turns out, quite a lot. According to the 2012 Professional Salon Hair Color Study, color accounts for more than $750 million […]

Schools are outfitting students with tablets. Will the iPad or another brand win out?

From textbooks to tablets

BIZMOLOGY — As more school districts adopt tablet technology, the opportunities for manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung — not to mention Amazon, with its tablet-esque Kindle Fire — will […]

primary care physician fee

Physician pay to take quality metrics into account

BIZMOLOGY — Patient satisfaction and quality of care will gain increasing importance under the Affordable Care Act. Doctors who score highly in these and other value-based metrics could see a […]