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Kraft–Heinz Merger Creates US Food Titan

Some makers of processed foods are shuttering plants as global consumers’ tastes shift to fresh and whole foods. But this week’s historic $46 billion megamerger of two iconic American processed-food […]


Iran’s Sanctions Surprise: 35 Million Barrels of Oil

It appears that the US and its four global partners in the UN Security Council (China, France, Russia, and the UK) and Germany are close to lifting UN economic sanctions […]


Sales of Italian Brands Continue amid Sluggish Growth

The sale of Italian tire maker Pirelli to China National Chemical Corp. in March is just the latest in a series of acquisitions of prestigious Italian companies by foreign bidders. […]

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Economic Fortunes of US and Canada Diverge over Oil

The US and Canada are not only neighbors, but they are also each other’s most important trading partners. The strong trade-based interlinkages have meant that traditionally their economies follow the […]


Political Risks Cloud UK’s Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

Companies with business interests in the United Kingdom may want to pay attention to the run-up to the May 7 parliamentary elections. With less than two months to go, it […]


The New US Housing Crisis: Oil

There’s a new US housing crisis that has nothing to do with the construction of residential accommodations. It is about a shortage of facilities to “house” all the oil that […]


Automakers Explore Car-Sharing, Other Mobility Strategies

When you want to book travel, you no longer call a travel agent — you pull up an app on your mobile device. When folks need to get from point […]


Capital Expenditure Cycle: Spending Is Not Over Yet in US

While it may be easy for a historian to call a top in the capital expenditure cycle when analyzing past data, gauging the status of the current cycle is challenging. […]


Wearable Technology Extends to Jewelry Makers

Designers of wearable technology are turning into armchair Oscar de la Rentas. Geeks who make functional, wearable tech are relying on fashion designers to develop more aesthetically pleasing products worthy […]


Walk-In Clinics Compete with Primary Care

Walk-in and urgent care clinics are popping up in droves. Whether located in a stand-alone facility or within a retail store, consumers are steadily turning towards the convenience offered by […]