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How the Selfie Generation Revitalized Makeup Sales

by Malcolm Gledhill

May 23, 2016

Makeup 2

Makeup sales are up, dramatically and suddenly. Market leader L’Oréal saw 19% sales growth in its makeup division in ...

Opioid Epidemic Forces Change in US Health Care Industry

by Anne Law

May 19, 2016

painkiller pills

Calls for change in how the US health care industry treats pain and drug abuse are gaining volume as the opioid ...

SAP Deal Takes Apple Deeper into the Enterprise

by Tim Green

May 11, 2016

apple store logo

Apple is chipping away at the enterprise market. Its customers have infiltrated corporate systems with their own ...

How Does Facebook Maintain Its Staggering Growth?

by Michael McLellan

May 11, 2016

facebook likes

No wonder the powers that be recently added a “love” option for Facebook users — the good news just ...

Industry Lowdown: How Hispanic Consumers Impact Industries

by Catherine Colbert

May 10, 2016

industry lowdown

Take a look at some of the opportunities, trends, and challenges from industry profiles updated by D&B First ...

Rent-to-Own Companies Rely on Millennials and Hispanics

by Catherine Colbert

May 9, 2016

rent to own sign

Two growing consumer groups have the potential to prop up the rent-to-own market for decades. Rent-to-own companies are ...

Gene Therapy Comes of Age

by Diane Ramirez

May 6, 2016

dna strand

Gene therapy research is coming into its own lately. Gene replacement and gene editing technology treatments for rare ...

New Hair Care Products Creating Buzz

by Catherine Colbert

May 4, 2016


Not everyone can have Cher hair. But for people with finicky hair follicles that need a jolt, researchers have been ...

M&A Slowdown? April 2016’s Biggest Deals for Banks and Financial Firms

by Christian Hudspeth

May 2, 2016

FCash 1

The top mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal of April 2016: Two pawn giants merge into one of the largest-ever pawn ...

Supermarkets Flock to Cage-Free Eggs

by Alexandra Biesada

May 2, 2016

cage free chicken

Pressure from animal rights groups and growing consumer concern for humane animal husbandry practices have many of the ...

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