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Quality data drives quality business decisions

BIZMOLOGY — Garbage In, Garbage Out (or GIGO) is a phrase coined by computer scientists that means something produced from materials of low quality will also be of low quality. […]


Customer service and ROI

BIZMOLOGY — Most companies don’t bother to calculate an ROI for their customer service departments. Traditionally, customer service is seen as a liability and not an asset, at least from […]


US economic outlook — D&B Health Tracker reveals mixed outlooks

BIZMOLOGY — The latest installment of Dun & Bradstreet’s US Economic Health Tracker reveals mixed signals for US businesses last month, based on three macro indicators: Small Business Health Index, US […]


Commercial drones are coming

BIZMOLOGY — Judging by recent media coverage, commercial drone use is all the rage. The topic du jour was even a top SXSW trend, never mind that unmanned aerial vehicles […]


A silver lining in geopolitical tensions?

BIZMOLOGY — This past weekend North Korea hinted at the possibility of renewed nuclear testing, then Monday during live-fire military exercises, some North Korean ordnance landed in South Korean waters, […]

Breakfast in America: McDonald’s v. Taco Bell and LTOs

BIZMOLOGY — Taco Bell recently rolled out its new breakfast menu with a marketing campaign clearly taking aim at breakfast-on-the-go leader McDonald’s. The lighthearted ad spots feature a collection of […]

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Can US natural gas firms cash in on the Ukraine crisis?

Exporting LNG is a great long term opportunity for American gas producers, but it is not a short term fix for the political and economic problems facing US allies in Europe, whose dependence on Russian gas supply will remain a fact for years to come.


Milk industry brings new life to ad campaign

BIZMOLOGY — Despite the longtime popularity and recognizability of the “Got Milk?” ad campaign, the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) is replacing the iconic slogan with “Milk Life,” according to […]

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Craft brewers attract drinkers, suitors

BIZMOLOGY — Prefer the bitter hop punch of an American IPA to the gentle drinkability of mass-produced lagers? If so, you may have contributed to impressive numbers released this month […]


As automakers move to aluminum, what does it mean for steel?

BIZMOLOGY — Over the last couple of months, I’ve posted to Bizmology about Ford and GM moving to aluminum bodies on their trucks. Automakers are looking to boost aluminum content […]