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Boomers Buying Homes Built for Millennials

by Catherine Colbert

September 26, 2016


While home builders have pinned their hopes on millennials emerging from the shadows this year to claim their stake in ...

Why Apple Wins in the Wireless World

by Malcolm Gledhill

September 16, 2016


Much ink has been spilled over Apple’s controversial decision to exorcise the 3.5 mm jack port from its iPhone 7. The ...

Anadarko Buys Gulf of Mexico Oil Assets

by Stuart Hampton

September 14, 2016


The tight market has encouraged majors to streamline their operations to focus on exploiting their most cost-efficient ...

Millennials Have a Nose for Wine

by Catherine Colbert

September 14, 2016


As more millennials reach the legal drinking age in the US, the massive generation has turned its thirst for adventure ...

Death of Uzbek Leader Stokes Concerns in Central Asia

by Jaspreet Sehmi

September 13, 2016


The recent death of Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov, who ruled Central Asia’s most populous country with an iron ...

Dell Technologies Bets Big on Being Big

by Tim Green

September 6, 2016


In the 1980s, before he put his name on the company, Michael Dell’s computer business was known as PCs Ltd. There will ...

Inside the Agrium and Potash Corp. Megamerger

by Stuart Hampton

August 31, 2016


There’s a lot of money in Canada’s fertilizer industry, as the proposed merger of Agrium and Potash Corp. (with a ...

Mylan: The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Latest “Villain”

by Diane Ramirez

August 30, 2016


Drugmaker raises the price of its product by hundreds of percentage points. Public cries foul via social media. Company ...

Rackspace Changes Its Course to the Cloud

by Tim Green

August 29, 2016


What do you do when you get outmuscled by Amazon and Microsoft? Rackspace, the San Antonio-based web hosting company ...

The State of Play in the UK Telecom Market

by Malcolm Gledhill

August 24, 2016


In the last couple of years, a scramble to consolidate has taken place in the UK telecommunications market and ...

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