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Friends Refer Friends: A Novel Idea!

Company referral programs for new talent are an old idea, but there is a new take on the old concept. More companies are extending their typical internally driven referral programs […]

Content Delivery

Improve Customer Experience when You Deliver the Right Content

Is the customer always right? The old cliché has held up all these years for a reason. Today that could easily go hand in hand with the all-important issue of […]


Ebola Risk Poses Threat to Cocoa Prices

The cost of your favorite candy bar could soon be higher based on fears that were practically nonexistent just a few months ago. World prices for cocoa, chocolate’s key ingredient, surged to […]

German Economy

Germany’s Economy Slips amid Global Uncertainties

Hopes were high that economic growth in Germany would recover swiftly in the second half of 2014. However, several forward-looking indicators have deteriorated substantially in the last several weeks, hinting […]


Qualified Lead Generation: Target Prospects Resembling Your Best Customers

Leads, glorious leads. They are an important part of the marketing equation. Without leads, there is really nowhere for your business to go. When you generate qualified leads for your […]


D&B Forecasts Gradual Comeback for US Housing

The anemic performance of the housing market has been one of the major speed bumps delaying the US economy’s transition from a sluggish recovery to a robust expansion. And don’t […]

Sales ROI

Know Your Market Opportunity and Maximize Campaign ROI

Plan, create, and implement campaigns. Sound familiar? If you’re a marketing person, then this is part of your world. In marketing, you get to devise and initiate, but much of […]


What’s Next for Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel? Ships and Trains

Natural gas as a transportation fuel has been touted for a while now, with the Pickens Plan in particular pointing out the benefits of converting North America’s long-haul truck fleet […]

Iran Flag

When Can Western Firms Do Business Again in Iran?

Negotiations between the international community and Iran over its nuclear program continue to stumble forward, despite a missed first deadline in June. Though an agreement is far from guaranteed, this […]

Arctic Drilling

Sanctions Curtail Significance of Arctic Oil Discovery

Environmental concerns to one side, it should have been a red-letter day for Russian energy giant Rosneft and its operating partner Exxon Mobil. The companies recently announced that they had […]