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New Hair Care Products Creating Buzz

by Catherine Colbert

May 4, 2016


Not everyone can have Cher hair. But for people with finicky hair follicles that need a jolt, researchers have been ...

Marijuana Dispensaries Turn to High Design

by Catherine Colbert

April 7, 2016

Paper & Leaf marijuana dispensary

As a growing number of marijuana marketers roll out their retail establishments, intuitive interior designers hold the ...

Detergent Makers Target Men

by Catherine Colbert

March 30, 2016

Hero Clean laundry detergent bottles

A seismic shift in detergent manufacturing and marketing is taking place as more men take on the task of doing laundry. ...

Canadian Drugstores Mulling Sale of Medical Marijuana

by Alexandra Biesada

March 29, 2016


With legalization looming in Canada, several drugstore chains there are making the case for selling legal medical ...

Q&A: Marketing to Millennials Checklist

by Catherine Colbert

February 24, 2016

Women at music festival

Is yours a Millennial-friendly company? Based on my recent Q&A with generational marketing expert Ann Fishman ...

Q&A: The Millennial Woman Employee

by Catherine Colbert

February 24, 2016

Woman typing on keyboard

Bigger and better-educated than the Boomers, Millennials have earned the honor of being the best-educated generation of ...

Q&A: The Millennial Woman Consumer

by Catherine Colbert

February 24, 2016

Millennial women walking together

Several billion-dollar industries are flourishing, thanks to Millennials. The generation, particularly its women, have ...

Q&A: The Most Coveted Millennial

by Catherine Colbert

February 24, 2016

Millennial Marketing book cover detail

Despite digitally digesting a new nuance about Millennials every day, how well do you really know the 83-million-strong ...

Minority Employment Trends Reveal Economic Turning Points

by Adam Morehouse

February 23, 2016

rows of office cubicles

Coinciding with Black History Month in February, Dun & Bradstreet dug deep into US minority employment statistics ...

Ransomware Attacks Make Hospitals Vulnerable

by Diane Ramirez

February 18, 2016

hospital computers

It was reported earlier today that Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, a 430-bed Los Angeles hospital, paid some ...

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