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Disney Interactive Scores a Hit in Latest Video Game Trend

BIZMOLOGY — After years of struggling to launch a major video game franchise, Disney Interactive has found a hit with its Infinity product. The game has enjoyed brisk sales since its launch […]

Hotel Industry

Hotel Industry Set to Break US Records

BIZMOLOGY — An industry that was battered by the recession is now on a big upswing. Demand for hotel rooms is up among consumers and companies as confidence in the economy […]


US Loosens Oil Export Ban Restrictions. Who Wins and Loses?

BIZMOLOGY — Very quietly, the US Department of Commerce has come close to reversing the ban on US oil exports that has stood for more than 40 years (back to […]


Can Telehealth Abate the Physician Shortage?

BIZMOLOGY — Imagine waking up with chest pains and immediately receiving a video call from your cardiologist. Or being able to consult with a radiology specialist in a foreign nation […]

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Introducing New Content: Five More First Research Industry Profiles

BIZMOLOGY — Demand for companies that lend money to customers to finance automobile purchases is forecast to grow as car sales rise. Global auto sales are predicted to increase at an annual […]

Rio De Janeiro

#WorldCup 2014 Big for Advertisers, Brands Seeking Global Reach

BIZMOLOGY — According to Fortune, more than 3.2 billion people are watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with advertisers spending an estimated $2.3 billion. For advertisers and brands seeking a […]


¡Viva La Revolución! Is Economic Reform Ahead for Cuba?

BIZMOLOGY — Many Western citizens take mobile phones, property ownership, and relatively easy foreign travel for granted. But Cubans have enjoyed these opportunities for less than a year — at […]


Can econometrics be used to predict the 2014 FIFA World Cup winner?

BIZMOLOGY — Can econometrics — the branch of economics that uses mathematical methods to describe economic systems — predict the likely winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup? That’s the […]


ISPs versus content providers in the fight for net neutrality

BIZMOLOGY — A new FCC proposal may allow Internet Service Providers to introduce pay-for-speed plans to online content providers. Under terms of the proposal, content providers of all sizes — mega media […]

computer security

15 Tips to Prepare for Big and Small Security Threats

Written by guest blogger Robert Siciliano, speaker, author, and CEO of IDTheftSecurity.com. BIZMOLOGY — Businesses that focus on the big security breach may very well be missing the smaller threats […]