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Executives on the Move: Week of May 16th – 20th

by Rachel Gallo

May 23, 2016


Here are just a few of the interesting executive changes making headlines over this past week: Kimberly-Clark Absorbs ...

China’s Film Industry Targets Merchandising for Growth

by Amy Schein

May 11, 2016

Monster Hunt

China’s movie industry is booming and is soon to surpass Hollywood in terms of box office revenue, a milestone ...

Industry Lowdown: How Hispanic Consumers Impact Industries

by Catherine Colbert

May 10, 2016

industry lowdown

Take a look at some of the opportunities, trends, and challenges from industry profiles updated by D&B First ...

Rent-to-Own Companies Rely on Millennials and Hispanics

by Catherine Colbert

May 9, 2016

rent to own sign

Two growing consumer groups have the potential to prop up the rent-to-own market for decades. Rent-to-own companies are ...

New Hair Care Products Creating Buzz

by Catherine Colbert

May 4, 2016


Not everyone can have Cher hair. But for people with finicky hair follicles that need a jolt, researchers have been ...

Marijuana Dispensaries Turn to High Design

by Catherine Colbert

April 7, 2016

Paper & Leaf marijuana dispensary

As a growing number of marijuana marketers roll out their retail establishments, intuitive interior designers hold the ...

Detergent Makers Target Men

by Catherine Colbert

March 30, 2016

Hero Clean laundry detergent bottles

A seismic shift in detergent manufacturing and marketing is taking place as more men take on the task of doing laundry. ...

Canadian Drugstores Mulling Sale of Medical Marijuana

by Alexandra Biesada

March 29, 2016


With legalization looming in Canada, several drugstore chains there are making the case for selling legal medical ...

Q&A: Marketing to Millennials Checklist

by Catherine Colbert

February 24, 2016

Women at music festival

Is yours a Millennial-friendly company? Based on my recent Q&A with generational marketing expert Ann Fishman ...

Q&A: The Millennial Woman Employee

by Catherine Colbert

February 24, 2016

Woman typing on keyboard

Bigger and better-educated than the Boomers, Millennials have earned the honor of being the best-educated generation of ...

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