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Jewelry Sellers Profit as Enthusiasts Get Younger

by Catherine Colbert

July 28, 2015

Jewelry Sales

Customers who frequent both brick-and-mortar and online jewelry stores today are a new breed of buyer. Savvy jewelery ...

California Roads Top Lists In Need of Repair

by Catherine Colbert

July 27, 2015

Roads 2

The arteries that provide access from one side of a city to another are actually costing some commuters much more than ...

Iranian Negotiations: Not Just about Nuclear Weapons

by Warwick Knowles

July 20, 2015


Last week the international community and the Iranian government finally concluded an agreement that potentially ends ...

Studios Rejoice as 3D Makes a Comeback

by Amy Schein

July 13, 2015


Not unlike the underdog hero of a big Hollywood movie, 3D appears to be making a comeback. Just a year ago, industry ...

Companies Rethink Supply Chains as Global Trade Evolves

by Michelle Campbell

July 9, 2015


The right supply chain strategy is central to a firm’s competitive edge. As more companies expand globally, deciding ...

Beyond Grexit: Large Financial Storms Threaten Banks Worldwide

by Christian Hudspeth

July 8, 2015


While all eyes have been fixed on banks in Greece and the “Grexit” situation (a Greek exit from the ...

Facial Hair Care Becomes a Growing Market

by Catherine Colbert

July 6, 2015


Reignited by the moustache-friendly Movember movement and since given rockstar status by hipsters, celebrities, and men ...

Competitive Construction Labor Market Challenges Homebuilders

by Catherine Colbert

July 2, 2015


Companies involved in constructing and renovating residential buildings are having a harder time holding onto their ...

Savvy Funeral Home Websites Forge Relationships

by Catherine Colbert

July 1, 2015


Some search terms are serious. On average, the term “funeral home” is searched more than 40,000 times a month, ...

Out of the Box Commerce

by Alexandra Biesada

June 29, 2015


What do razor blades, beauty products, wine, and pet toys have in common? All of these products — and many more ...

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