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Learn More, Know More, Do More: Dun & Bradstreet at Money20/20

Calling all money managers and financial institutions: Please join Dun & Bradstreet at the 2014 Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas! This year’s Money20/20 event runs from Sunday, November 2, until Wednesday, November […]


US Labor Market Is Walking the Tight Rope

The economic recovery has created a unique labor-market mix never before seen in US history. Rather than analyzing the labor market by solely examining the unemployment rate, it’s more helpful […]


D&B Forecasts Gradual Comeback for US Housing

The anemic performance of the housing market has been one of the major speed bumps delaying the US economy’s transition from a sluggish recovery to a robust expansion. And don’t […]

Construction Sector

Construction Industries Primed for Growth in Latest 2014 Forecast

Autumn is upon us, which means it’s time for football, fall harvest, and an update to First Research’s industry forecasts, which we revise biannually. The forecasts project annual compounded rates […]

Wind Power

A Closer Look at the $8 Billion Wind Power Project in Los Angeles

Responding to the State of California’s commitment for its utilities to get 33% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, four companies are proposing an ambitious $8 billion project […]

Alibaba Group

Alibaba IPO Demonstrates China’s Global Economic Impact

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group began trading on the NYSE today under the ticker symbol “BABA.” The company raised about $21.8 billion from its initial stock sale after a long and winding IPO […]

Marketing to Millennials

Savvy Businesses Embrace Millennials

The Millennial consumer is a must-have. Much more menacing in size than the Gen X and even Boomer generations, Millennials are morphing the marketplace. This 95-million-strong consumer group (also known […]

Catering to Millennials

Catering to Millennials Creates Opportunities

Many companies aspire to serve the Millennial generation. Capturing this key group assures a potentially lucrative payoff for decades to come. The generation looms large and stands to pack a […]


Understanding the Millennial Mindset

Becoming well-acquainted with the mighty Millennial generation should be part of every business’s marketing plan, whether this modern consumer crowd is a target customer today or within the next five […]


Whole Earth Provision: Turning Unique Into Growth

Because Millennials navigate toward unique shopping experiences and are active and socially conscious, companies such as regional specialty retailer Whole Earth Provision Co. are perfectly positioned to flourish. The Texas-based […]