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Kraft–Heinz Merger Creates US Food Titan

Some makers of processed foods are shuttering plants as global consumers’ tastes shift to fresh and whole foods. But this week’s historic $46 billion megamerger of two iconic American processed […]


The Best Career Prospects Start with a Great Personal Brand

What is your brand? It’s Big. It’s Bold. It’s Beautiful. And it’s uniquely you … out there for the entire world to see. Basically, your brand is who you are. […]


Wearable Technology Extends to Jewelry Makers

Designers of wearable technology are turning into armchair Oscar de la Rentas. Geeks who make functional, wearable tech are relying on fashion designers to develop more aesthetically pleasing products worthy […]


Check It Out: Four New First Research Industry Reports

Enough to make Emily Post cringe, the proliferation of electronic media has become a disrupting force in the greeting card market, which in the US has a combined annual revenue […]


Mobile Apps Help Hotels Streamline Guest Services

Staying at a big hotel or resort can be overwhelming. The long line to check in, the hidden charges and taxes, and getting enough clean towels can be confounding. But […]

Google Wireless

Google to Shake Up Wireless Market?

With plans to begin offering its own mobile phone plan directly to consumers, Google could shake up the wireless telecom market. So far the industry’s dominant business model is to […]

Weather Economy

When the Weather Messes with the Economy

Sometimes, a number isn’t just a number. When writing about the economy, journalists often use figures from economic reports to grab the public’s attention. However, readers should be cautious before […]

Net Neutrality

FCC Chair Calls for Fast, Fair, and Open Internet

Proponents of net neutrality have won — for now. Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, said this week in an op-ed on Wired.com that he would propose regulating […]


When Monetary Policy Isn’t Enough: The Case of Switzerland

The Swiss are normally regarded as rather stoic, well-mannered, and reserved people. So when investment bankers in Zurich used the term “massacre” to describe the Swiss National Bank’s (SNB) decision […]


Take a Look: Six New First Research Industry Reports

Nonstore retail companies are embracing multichannel marketing tactics. Catalog retailers have adapted to online marketing successfully; they enjoy the advantages of having an established infrastructure and have extensive experience selling […]