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Red Flags Emerge about Staying Power of US Expansion

by Adam Morehouse

June 14, 2016

red flags

As the current US expansion hits its 83rd month, several traditional business cycle indicators are beginning to warn ...

Russia Likely Faces EU Sanctions for Another Six Months

by Jaspreet Sehmi

June 2, 2016


The European Union’s economic sanctions against Russia, first imposed in July 2014 in reaction to Moscow’s incursions ...

Eurozone Outlook Improves, but Still Some Clouds Ahead

by Daniele Fraietta

May 13, 2016


The outlook for Europe has brightened, but economic growth remains sluggish in the region due to postcrisis legacies ...

Rent-to-Own Companies Rely on Millennials and Hispanics

by Catherine Colbert

May 9, 2016

rent to own sign

Two growing consumer groups have the potential to prop up the rent-to-own market for decades. Rent-to-own companies are ...

Aging Populations Create Global Burdens and Opportunities

by Adam Morehouse

April 20, 2016

elderly man walking with cane

Aging baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) will likely put pressure on global pension systems and challenge ...

Dollarization: Causes and Consequences

by Jaspreet Sehmi

March 31, 2016

one dollar bill

Rising “dollarization” rates across many countries, including Turkey and Peru, are becoming a growing ...

“Serious” Corruption Plagues Commonwealth of Independent States

by Jaspreet Sehmi

February 18, 2016

corruption is deadly billboard, futureatlas.com

The results of Transparency International’s latest corruption index make depressing reading for members of the ...

Iran Returns to the Global Business Stage

by Warwick Knowles

February 4, 2016

Iranian flags

The return of Iran, the world’s 28th-largest economy, to the global stage is the single biggest diplomatically driven ...

Greece’s Financial Troubles Continue in 2016

by Daniele Fraietta

January 25, 2016


A lot of attention has been focused on whether a Greek exit from the eurozone was imminent due to the severity and ...

D&B: Five Business Trends for 2016

by Oana Aristide

December 18, 2015


With 2016 fast approaching, Dun & Bradstreet economists are focused on identifying and assessing the trends that ...

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