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GDP Per Capita: An Imperfect Gauge for Market Potential

by Jaspreet Sehmi

December 9, 2015


When businesses make international investment decisions, the focus is often on assessing a country’s gross domestic ...

Is Latin America Disenchanted with Populism?

by Michelle Campbell

December 4, 2015

Mauricio Macri, incoming president of Argentina

For a large portion of the 20th century and early 21st century, leading Latin American countries such as Argentina, ...

D&B Forecasts Slow but Steady Growth for US Economy into 2017

by Bodhi Ganguli

November 23, 2015

trees with dollar signs growing

The US economy will close out 2015 with a 2.5% growth rate, according to Dun & Bradstreet’s latest economic ...

Trade Terms Drive Successful Global Partnerships

by Isaac Leung

November 11, 2015

world map with lines between countries

Advising exporters on cross-border risk management strategy is tricky business. Credit sales via “open account” may win ...

Rand Weakness a Symptom of South Africa’s Deeper Challenges

by Bodhi Ganguli

October 26, 2015

South Africa rand currency bills and coins

The South African rand will be one of the worst-performing currencies in the emerging market (EM) heading into 2016. ...

Retailers Brace for Transition to EMV Microchip Credit Cards

by Alexandra Biesada

October 1, 2015

Credit card with EMV computer chip

October 1 marks the beginning of the end of the swipe-and-sign credit card transaction. While shoppers and merchants ...

Syriza Regains Power and Another Chance to Turn Greece Around

by Daniele Fraietta

September 28, 2015

Alexis Tsipras, prime minister of Greece

Alexis Tsipras and his leftist Syriza party have another chance to steer Greece out of a five-year-long economic ...

A Look at US Businesses by Industry

by Adam Morehouse

September 24, 2015

Worker uses manufacturing machinery in a factory

Although the summer ended without a rate hike from the US Federal Reserve, interest rates will likely go up sometime ...

US Interest Rates Unchanged: What’s Next for Businesses?

by Bodhi Ganguli

September 23, 2015

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen at a press conference

The long-running debate on when the US Federal Reserve will start raising rates has been laid to rest for now. At its ...

New Anticorruption Law in Italy: So Far So Good?

by Daniele Fraietta

September 3, 2015

businessman takes bribe in Euros

Corruption is a large and pervasive problem in Italy that has sapped the country’s economy by discouraging foreign ...

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