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Offshore Wind Farms Cultivate Renewable Energy Renaissance

by Leah Pepper

August 10, 2016

wind turbines offshore

Energy companies and government entities are becoming bigger and bigger fans of offshore wind turbines. As local and ...

More Wineries Must Tap Tasting Tourism

by Catherine Colbert

August 9, 2016

Wine Tasting 2

Many of the world’s wineries are leaving money on the table at tastings and tours. Wine tastings are popular ...

Health Clubs Muscling into Office Space

by Catherine Colbert

August 8, 2016

fitness center

More gym goers are choosing to work where they work out. As health clubs look to accommodate the growing number of ...

What Is IMAX Doing in China?

by Amy Schein

August 5, 2016

IMAX Theater

What is IMAX doing in China, and what does it mean for the movie business? In short: IMAX is expanding its presence ...

UK Monetary Policy to the Rescue? Probably Not.

by Markus Kuger

August 4, 2016

British Pounds

As expected by most market watchers, including Dun & Bradstreet, the Bank of England has taken action today in ...

Turkey’s Failed Coup Poses Challenges for Businesses

by Warwick Knowles

August 4, 2016

Turkey coup

The recent surprise coup attempt by some members of the military in Turkey was quickly put down by President Recep ...

Rail’s Big Gain: Moving Canadian Crude

by Stuart Hampton

July 27, 2016

train tanker cars

In the coming months, with a number of new oil sands projects and expansions coming on line, rail exports could double ...

Brexit: A Win for Russia?

by Jaspreet Sehmi

July 26, 2016


After the UK voted to leave the European Union, policy makers and companies around the world began scrambling to limit ...

D&B Data: Uncovering Global Economic Insights

by Isaac Leung

July 22, 2016


The World Wide Network‘s (WWN) international database from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is one of the company’s ...

Curbing the Zika Virus

by Michelle Campbell

July 14, 2016

Zika mosquito

As the Zika virus spreads across the globe, the economic cost of the illness is proving difficult to quantify. Some ...

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