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How Big Will Sony Lose?

The extraordinary hacking scandal that has plagued Sony in recent weeks — referred to at least once as “the worst of its type on a company on US soil” —  has a lot […]

First Research Has Six New Industry Profiles

Online education is growing in popularity. About 7 million Americans are enrolled in at least one online course, according to Babson Survey Research Group. Some institutions, both academic and corporate, […]

Miniature Golf

How the Golf Industry Intends to Revive Itself

Summer is usually a time when golfers hit the greens, but unfortunately for sporting goods manufacturers, retailers, and golf courses, golf participation is on the decline. As my colleague Alex […]

Online Gambling

Has Gambling in New Jersey Finally Hit Bottom?

BIZMOLOGY — New Jersey legalized online gambling late in 2013, hoping it would help revitalize the state’s gaming industry, but so far Internet gaming revenues have been disappointing. Shortly after […]

News Mediums

Why Media Companies Are Splitting Themselves Up

BIZMOLOGY — This week USA TODAY publisher Gannett announced it would break up with itself. The company, which publishes 80 daily newspapers and owns more than 45 television stations, will […]

Movie Theater

Will Fewer Seats Mean Bigger Movie Theater Business?

BIZMOLOGY — AMC Entertainment, the movie theater industry‘s second-largest chain, is betting that fewer seats mean more business. According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the […]

Video Game Friends

Disney Interactive Scores a Hit in Latest Video Game Trend

BIZMOLOGY — After years of struggling to launch a major video game franchise, Disney Interactive has found a hit with its Infinity product. The game has enjoyed brisk sales since its launch […]

Rio De Janeiro

#WorldCup 2014 Big for Advertisers, Brands Seeking Global Reach

BIZMOLOGY — According to Fortune, more than 3.2 billion people are watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with advertisers spending an estimated $2.3 billion. For advertisers and brands seeking a […]


Can econometrics be used to predict the 2014 FIFA World Cup winner?

BIZMOLOGY — Can econometrics — the branch of economics that uses mathematical methods to describe economic systems — predict the likely winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup? That’s the […]


Turner Broadcasting entices NCAA fans with live streaming

BIZMOLOGY — Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s live sporting events that could save cable TV. Case in point: Turner Broadcasting is using “March Madness Live,” a […]