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Marijuana Dispensaries Turn to High Design

by Catherine Colbert

April 7, 2016

Paper & Leaf marijuana dispensary

As a growing number of marijuana marketers roll out their retail establishments, intuitive interior designers hold the ...

Are All Music Streaming Categories Poised for Big Growth?

by Amy Schein

March 31, 2016

spotify phone app

The US music industry recorded a small increase in revenue in 2015, driven by growth from sales of digital music. The ...

Virtual Reality Poised for Actual Growth

by Amy Schein

February 18, 2016

Oculus Rift, Flickr Creative Commons user sergesegal

The popularity of virtual reality (VR) systems such as Oculus Rift, Sony’s PlayStation VR, Microsoft’s ...

McDonald’s Is Cashing In on Breakfast, but Big Challenges Remain

by Michael McLellan

February 2, 2016

McDonalds breakfast McMuffin, photo by Flickr user lricharz

Last week McDonald’s posted its best quarterly sales growth in nearly four years after making its popular breakfast ...

Paris Terror Attacks Bring Political, Economic Consequences

by Markus Kuger

November 19, 2015

French flag at memorial for victims of Paris terror attacks

A new wave of violence in the wake of last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris could undermine France’s long-term ...

Expedia Aims to Rule Online Travel

by Amy Schein

November 6, 2015

Rental vacation houses on the beach

Expedia’s recent purchase of Austin-based HomeAway is just the latest in a buying spree designed to position itself as ...

Planet Fitness Bulks Up

by Catherine Colbert

September 30, 2015

Planet Fitness gym logo sign

Planet Fitness now eclipses its rivals. The fitness club chain has grown its membership base to all-time highs by ...

Social Media and Mobile Technology Transform Travel Industry

by Michael McLellan

September 30, 2015

Mobile Devices

It’s hard to remember what it was like to book a flight or find an appropriate hotel before the Internet made it so ...

Relativity Media and Lions Gate Illustrate Film Industry Volatility

by Michael McLellan

August 26, 2015

Hollywood Volatility

The movie business has not suffered as badly as the music and television industries in the digital age. However, ...

Growing Demand for Movie Theater Security

by Amy Schein

August 21, 2015

movie theater box office

A handful of high-profile attacks at movie theaters over the last three years, resulting in shootings at cinemas in ...

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