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IRS Proposes Lower Threshold for Taxing Casino Winnings

by Rob Heidrick

May 18, 2015


US casino operators are pushing back against a proposal by the Internal Revenue Service to reduce the threshold at ...

Is Fast-Food King McDonald’s in Trouble?

by Michael McLellan

April 22, 2015


McDonald’s added almost 1,000 locations worldwide during 2014, with an emphasis on European and Asian markets. ...

Why Casinos Are Struggling to Contain Costs

by Michael McLellan

April 21, 2015


Most gamblers and casual observers assume casinos make money hand over fist. But even with billions in revenue, some ...

Travel Industry, Take Note: Here Come the Baby Boomers

by Catherine Colbert

April 13, 2015


Catering to Boomer trekkers should prove to be a boon for the travel industry in 2015. Americans age 50 and older plan ...

Mobile Apps Help Hotels Streamline Guest Services

by Michael McLellan

February 24, 2015


Staying at a big hotel or resort can be overwhelming. The long line to check in, the hidden charges and taxes, and ...

Savvy Businesses Embrace Millennials

by Catherine Colbert

September 17, 2014

Marketing to Millennials

The Millennial consumer is a must-have. Much more menacing in size than the Gen X and even Boomer generations, ...

HomeAway Opens Doors to Millennials

by Catherine Colbert

September 17, 2014

Homeaway Millennials

While Gen X and Boomers prop up the travel industry and provide it with a sturdy foundation for now, Millennials have ...

Burger King’s Latest Acquisition: About Taxes or Growth?

by Michael McLellan

August 28, 2014

Burger King

BIZMOLOGY — This week Miami-based Burger King Worldwide announced it would acquire iconic Canadian chain Tim ...

How the Golf Industry Intends to Revive Itself

by Rebecca Mallett

August 28, 2014

Miniature Golf

Summer is usually a time when golfers hit the greens, but unfortunately for sporting goods manufacturers, retailers, ...

Has Gambling in New Jersey Finally Hit Bottom?

by James Bryant

August 14, 2014


BIZMOLOGY — New Jersey legalized online gambling late in 2013, hoping it would help revitalize the state’s gaming ...

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