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Foodfellas: Organized Crime Takes Root in Italy’s Agriculture Sector

The global olive oil market is being flooded with counterfeit products distributed by organized crime groups, which now control as much as one-third of Italy’s agricultural sector. The mafia reaped […]


Trade With Cuba: Much More Than Cigars

US companies in sectors including agriculture, telecommunications, tourism, and construction are welcoming normalization of trade and diplomatic relations with Cuba. Many companies have long eyed the untapped economic potential of […]


Changing Demographics: The Elephant in the Room

The supply of labor — and hence demographics — drive economic growth, in addition to availability of land and capital. And while central banks have developed detailed models to predict responses to […]


Commodity Price Slump Weighs on Sub-Saharan Africa Outlook

Rapid economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa was one of the major pillars of global recovery in the years following the Great Recession of 2008-09, second only to growth in the […]

King Abdullah

What Saudi Arabia’s New Leadership Means for Business

The recent death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at 90, after almost a decade on the throne, has led the blogosphere to fill with speculation about changes the new […]

Filipino Flags

Future Bright in Philippines as Oil Prices Slump

The oil price slump is good news for some and terrible news for others, but nowhere has it given so much cause for joy as in the Philippines. The country […]


When Monetary Policy Isn’t Enough: The Case of Switzerland

The Swiss are normally regarded as rather stoic, well-mannered, and reserved people. So when investment bankers in Zurich used the term “massacre” to describe the Swiss National Bank’s (SNB) decision […]


Target’s Retreat Leaves Big Vacancy in Canada

Target‘s Canadian retail debacle has left a 15 million-sq.-ft. hole in the nation’s commercial real estate market that may prove hard to fill. While most of the blame for the […]


Default Risk Rises as Venezuelan Economy Nears Implosion

Venezuela’s rapid path to economic implosion is forcing bondholders and companies operating there to review their investment strategy. Last year several large US companies operating in Venezuela, including Coca Cola, […]


Improving Fundamentals Drive Confidence in US Economy

Broad macroeconomic conditions in the US strengthened over the course of 2014, based on key fundamentals including GDP growth, gains in the labor market, and stronger consumer and business confidence. […]