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Global Economy Shows Promising Signs | D&B Mid-Year Outlook Report

BIZMOLOGY — According to Dun & Bradstreet’s Mid-Year Global Outlook Report, the global economy is better positioned than it has been at any point since 2009. The semiannual report, compiled […]

Global Money

Will There Be “Taper Tantrums” when the Capital Influx Slows?

BIZMOLOGY — As the influx of capital slows around the globe, determining which countries are most vulnerable to “tapering” is an ongoing guessing game among bankers and manufacturers. Finding the […]

World Cup 2014

World Cup Final 8 Country Risk Analysis

BIZMOLOGY — Dun & Bradstreet’s Country Risk scores provide a holistic, quantitative way to evaluate the economic situation in one country and compare it to that of other countries. With […]


What the ISIS Rebellion Means for Business in the Middle East

BIZMOLOGY — The rapid advance of the Sunni militant group ISIS in Iraq is significantly impacting the business environment across the region — not just Iraq. The situation will likely […]


India’s Top 500 Companies: The Driving Force of the Indian Economy

BIZMOLOGY — During this year’s Indian general elections, socioeconomic issues such as job creation and employment emerged as top concerns among voters. Strategically, the country’s newly appointed policymakers are looking […]

Rio De Janeiro

#WorldCup 2014 Big for Advertisers, Brands Seeking Global Reach

BIZMOLOGY — According to Fortune, more than 3.2 billion people are watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with advertisers spending an estimated $2.3 billion. For advertisers and brands seeking a […]


¡Viva La Revolución! Is Economic Reform Ahead for Cuba?

BIZMOLOGY — Many Western citizens take mobile phones, property ownership, and relatively easy foreign travel for granted. But Cubans have enjoyed these opportunities for less than a year — at […]


Can econometrics be used to predict the 2014 FIFA World Cup winner?

BIZMOLOGY — Can econometrics — the branch of economics that uses mathematical methods to describe economic systems — predict the likely winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup? That’s the […]


How Immigration is Straining the Economy of Malta

BIZMOLOGY — Immigration is straining the economy of Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea about 50 mi/80 km south of Sicily. Over the past decade more than 17,000 […]

Economic Data

How US Economic Data Impacts the Rest of the World

BIZMOLOGY — Few days go by that don’t include the release of US economic data. In fact, the US has the widest range of economic statistics available of any country […]