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Can Central Bank of Russia Rescue Economy as Oil Prices Plummet?

Russia’s oil and gas sector is having a bad year. The industry, which provides almost half of the revenue in Russia’s budget, was hit hard by Western sanctions resulting from […]

Crop Production

Romania: Making the Most of Agricultural Wealth in Eastern Europe

One of the most profitable investments in the European Union right now could be agricultural land in Romania in Eastern Europe. That likely doesn’t surprise people with long memories. Before […]

Spain Housing

Spain’s Housing Market: Primed for a Recovery?

An uptick in housing prices and home sales is good news for Spain’s housing industry, and it is translating into an improved medium-term outlook for the construction sector and the […]


Ebola Risk Poses Threat to Cocoa Prices

The cost of your favorite candy bar could soon be higher based on fears that were practically nonexistent just a few months ago. World prices for cocoa, chocolate’s key ingredient, surged to […]

German Economy

Germany’s Economy Slips amid Global Uncertainties

Hopes were high that economic growth in Germany would recover swiftly in the second half of 2014. However, several forward-looking indicators have deteriorated substantially in the last several weeks, hinting […]

Iran Flag

When Can Western Firms Do Business Again in Iran?

Negotiations between the international community and Iran over its nuclear program continue to stumble forward, despite a missed first deadline in June. Though an agreement is far from guaranteed, this […]

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Energy Trends Drive Aluminum Demand

Some key energy trends are enhancing the fortunes of aluminum producers after nearly a decade-long aluminum surplus. The global aluminum industry has been characterized by overcapacity and low prices the […]

Iron Ore

Iron Production Ramped Up despite Low Prices

Global iron ore prices have dropped about 40 percent in 2014 as top producers continue to churn out supply well above current market demand. Analysts say the largest global players […]


Japan Faces Difficult Tax Dilemma

Japan is facing an unenviable choice between implementing tax reform that could undermine short-term economic growth but improve the country’s fiscal situation, or doing nothing, which would allow public debt […]

Enrique Peña Nieto

Mexican Economy Poised for a Turnaround

Enrique Peña Nieto is proving his detractors wrong. In 21 months at the helm of Mexico’s government, President Peña has made important strides laying a framework for sustainable growth and development […]