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Impeachment in Brazil: Far from an Economic Cure

by Michelle Campbell

May 23, 2016

Dilma Rousseff

Since Brazil first floated the possibility of impeachment proceedings against leftist President Dilma Rousseff last ...

Eurozone Outlook Improves, but Still Some Clouds Ahead

by Daniele Fraietta

May 13, 2016


The outlook for Europe has brightened, but economic growth remains sluggish in the region due to postcrisis legacies ...

China’s Film Industry Targets Merchandising for Growth

by Amy Schein

May 11, 2016

Monster Hunt

China’s movie industry is booming and is soon to surpass Hollywood in terms of box office revenue, a milestone ...

How Does Facebook Maintain Its Staggering Growth?

by Michael McLellan

May 11, 2016

facebook likes

No wonder the powers that be recently added a “love” option for Facebook users — the good news just ...

Nigeria’s Reliance on Oil behind Bleak Outlook

by Bodhi Ganguli

May 9, 2016

oil worker in Nigeria

A superstar of West Africa not too long ago, the Nigerian economy is reeling from the drop in oil prices, and the ...

Aging Populations Create Global Burdens and Opportunities

by Adam Morehouse

April 20, 2016

elderly man walking with cane

Aging baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) will likely put pressure on global pension systems and challenge ...

Economic Challenges Ahead for Middle East and North Africa

by Warwick Knowles

April 13, 2016

domed building in Tehran, Iran

The economic outlook for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) remains weak through 2020 as the region faces barriers ...

Suez and Panama Canals Face Off for Container Ships

by Isaac Leung

April 11, 2016

Panama Canal

Egypt celebrated the expansion, via a new bypass, of the Suez Canal with elaborate pomp that included sailing the ...

Dollarization: Causes and Consequences

by Jaspreet Sehmi

March 31, 2016

one dollar bill

Rising “dollarization” rates across many countries, including Turkey and Peru, are becoming a growing ...

Canadian Drugstores Mulling Sale of Medical Marijuana

by Alexandra Biesada

March 29, 2016


With legalization looming in Canada, several drugstore chains there are making the case for selling legal medical ...

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