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Home Prices Slip as China Faces Consequences of “Ghost Cities”

BIZMOLOGY — You don’t have to be an economist to know that China’s property bubble is approaching — to be kind — an inflection point. Tales of unoccupied ghost cities […]

Russian Flag

Russian Businesses Face Challenges as Western Sanctions Tighten

BIZMOLOGY — The third round of sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia is the most painful since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis. One of the measures, aimed at […]

Petronas, Tower in Malaysia

Untold Economic Story: Malaysia’s Growth Miracle

BIZMOLOGY — The transformation of Malaysia is a remarkable, but often overlooked, economic story. The Southeast Asian country is on track to achieve high-income status ahead of its 2020 target […]

Golden Brazil

Brazil’s Economic Woes Resurface as World Cup Glow Fades

BIZMOLOGY — The glow from the successful 2014 World Cup tournament is diminishing in Brazil, and flagging economic growth is returning to the top of the national agenda. The country’s […]

Oil Prices

Oil Prices Expected to Rise through 2019

BIZMOLOGY — Trying to predict oil prices is always risky business, but it’s even more challenging these days in the midst of increased US natural gas production, the rise of […]


Will China Turn to Africa for Low-Cost Labor?

BIZMOLOGY — For years US companies turned to China for low-cost manufacturing, but those days are quickly drifting into history. More US manufacturers are discovering that in some cases it […]


Economic Sanctions against Russia Challenge the EU

BIZMOLOGY — The US has tightened economic sanctions on Russia, targeting major gas companies Rosneft, Novatek, and Gazprombank and denying Russian companies access to capital on US markets. Meanwhile, as the situation […]

Natural Gas Business

Natural Gas Takes the World Stage: Gimme CH4

BIZMOLOGY — Natural gas is the wonder fuel on which mankind’s hopes rest. Maybe so, but with this great potential comes enormous economic and political risks. Countries such as Russia […]

Global Commerce

Global Economy Shows Promising Signs | D&B Mid-Year Outlook Report

BIZMOLOGY — According to Dun & Bradstreet’s Mid-Year Global Outlook Report, the global economy is better positioned than it has been at any point since 2009. The semiannual report, compiled […]

Global Money

Will There Be “Taper Tantrums” when the Capital Influx Slows?

BIZMOLOGY — As the influx of capital slows around the globe, determining which countries are most vulnerable to “tapering” is an ongoing guessing game among bankers and manufacturers. Finding the […]