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Laura Kelly: D&B’s serial innovator

BIZMOLOGY — Don’t expect to find a dusty old employee suggestion box anywhere near Laura Kelly’s office. She thinks they are pretty useless. Instead, Kelly, who has spent the past […]


A silver lining in geopolitical tensions?

BIZMOLOGY — This past weekend North Korea hinted at the possibility of renewed nuclear testing, then Monday during live-fire military exercises, some North Korean ordnance landed in South Korean waters, […]


As automakers move to aluminum, what does it mean for steel?

BIZMOLOGY — Over the last couple of months, I’ve posted to Bizmology about Ford and GM moving to aluminum bodies on their trucks. Automakers are looking to boost aluminum content […]


US talent agencies venture outside Hollywood for growth

BIZMOLOGY — Changes in the entertainment world are signaling seismic shifts for top talent agencies, according to a State of the Agency report from Variety. While the report is from […]


The color yellow: To dye for?

BIZMOLOGY — The color yellow is associated with optimism, intellect, and happiness. The dye used to make yellow consumer products, such as apparel, paper, and paint, is generating anxiety, however, […]


Target’s security breach masks struggles in Canada

BIZMOLOGY — Q: When is bad news good? A: When it masks even worse news. Much as the extensive press coverage of the looming fiscal cliff diverted attention from the […]


D&B outlook: Global economic recovery accelerates but faces headwinds

BIZMOLOGY — The global economy is in the middle of the most complex and drawn-out recovery ever experienced. However, there is reason to be optimistic about growth in 2014, particularly […]

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Mexico begins taxing sugary drinks

BIZMOLOGY — The New Year got off to a rocky start for global manufacturers of sugar-sweetened beverages. On January 1, 2014, a new law took effect in Mexico that places […]

a steady hand

Is a labor shortage looming in China?

BIZMOLOGY — Earlier this month the Chinese government said it would make social and political reforms, including a relaxation of its one-child rule, and encourage more private participation in financial […]

IT Emerging Markets

Using First Research and Hoover’s to gain international industry insight

BIZMOLOGY — An understanding of international business is key to helping sales and marketing professionals engage prospects, coach clients, and deepen customer relationships outside the US. Both First Research and […]