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It’s Time for Quantitative Easing in the EU

Concerns over outright economic stagnation and low price levels prompted the European Central Bank (ECB) to cut its benchmark refinancing rate yet again in September — to a record low […]


Allez les Bleus — What Football and Economic Performance in France Have in Common

BIZMOLOGY — What a difference a decade or so can make — and not just on the football field. As Germany continues to enjoy its victory in the 2014 World […]

China Ghost City

Home Prices Slip as China Faces Consequences of “Ghost Cities”

BIZMOLOGY — You don’t have to be an economist to know that China’s property bubble is approaching — to be kind — an inflection point. Tales of unoccupied ghost cities […]

Russian Flag

Russian Businesses Face Challenges as Western Sanctions Tighten

BIZMOLOGY — The third round of sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia is the most painful since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis. One of the measures, aimed at […]

Petronas, Tower in Malaysia

Untold Economic Story: Malaysia’s Growth Miracle

BIZMOLOGY — The transformation of Malaysia is a remarkable, but often overlooked, economic story. The Southeast Asian country is on track to achieve high-income status ahead of its 2020 target […]

Golden Brazil

Brazil’s Economic Woes Resurface as World Cup Glow Fades

BIZMOLOGY — The glow from the successful 2014 World Cup tournament is diminishing in Brazil, and flagging economic growth is returning to the top of the national agenda. The country’s […]

Oil Prices

Oil Prices Expected to Rise through 2019

BIZMOLOGY — Trying to predict oil prices is always risky business, but it’s even more challenging these days in the midst of increased US natural gas production, the rise of […]


Will China Turn to Africa for Low-Cost Labor?

BIZMOLOGY — For years US companies turned to China for low-cost manufacturing, but those days are quickly drifting into history. More US manufacturers are discovering that in some cases it […]


Economic Sanctions against Russia Challenge the EU

BIZMOLOGY — The US has tightened economic sanctions on Russia, targeting major gas companies Rosneft, Novatek, and Gazprombank and denying Russian companies access to capital on US markets. Meanwhile, as the situation […]

Natural Gas Business

Natural Gas Takes the World Stage: Gimme CH4

BIZMOLOGY — Natural gas is the wonder fuel on which mankind’s hopes rest. Maybe so, but with this great potential comes enormous economic and political risks. Countries such as Russia […]