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Duck Boot Makers Nip at L.L. Bean’s Heels

by Catherine Colbert

November 18, 2015

LL Bean duck boots (photo by Flickr user adwriter)

When demand spikes in the US for a particular pair of shoes, most footwear makers turn to their overseas suppliers to ...

Summer Movies Set to Rev Up Motorcycle Sales

by Catherine Colbert

October 14, 2015

Tom Cruise rides a BMW motorcycle in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The nation’s 7,000 motorcycle dealers should expect a pickup in foot traffic at a time when sales typically begin ...

The Mounting Sticker Price of the Volkswagen Scandal

by James Bryant

October 9, 2015

VW logo

This week an all-too-familiar scene played out on Capitol Hill — another executive of a major auto manufacturer ...

Microsoft Shows It Can Do Hardware Too

by Tim Green

October 8, 2015

Microsoft Surface Book laptop tablet computer

In the 1990s Sears ran an ad campaign called the “Softer Side of Sears,” which drew attention to the women’s clothing ...

Healthier Snacks Making Food Companies Fat

by Catherine Colbert

August 31, 2015

Healthy Food

Big profits are coming from some of the smallest bites. Snack foods, particularly the relatively guilt-free kind, are ...

Facial Hair Care Becomes a Growing Market

by Catherine Colbert

July 6, 2015


Reignited by the moustache-friendly Movember movement and since given rockstar status by hipsters, celebrities, and men ...

Amazon, Penguin Random House Agree to New E-Book Deal

by Amy Schein

June 24, 2015


Because online retail is extremely important to the book world, publishers must play nice with major e-retailers. ...

Home Depot Bans Phthalates in Flooring Products

by Alexandra Biesada

April 27, 2015


Consumer demand for healthier building products is shaking up the supply chains of home improvement retailers. On the ...

Cosmetics Startup Spotlights “Right-Size” Beauty Products

by Catherine Colbert

April 23, 2015


Bucking the tradition that bulky cosmetics are intended for a boudoir and just too large to be used by their expiration ...

Blue Bell Ice Cream’s Total Recall

by Alexandra Biesada

April 21, 2015


Texas-based Blue Bell Creameries voluntarily recalled its entire ice cream inventory yesterday, citing potential for ...

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