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Magazine Publishers Turn to Retail for Revenue

by Amy Schein

November 21, 2016


It’s no secret that magazines are struggling. In an industry hit hard by declining circulation numbers, ...

Record Growth Forecast for US Toy Sales

by Catherine Colbert

October 26, 2016


More toy makers are downright giddy these days, happily struggling to keep up with demand for their Star Wars, Pokémon, ...

Industry Lowdown: Information Sector

by Amy Schein

September 6, 2016

Industry Lowdown

Our D&B First Research editorial team compiles the latest industry information to give professionals a deal-making ...

D&B Data: Uncovering Global Economic Insights

by Isaac Leung

July 22, 2016


The World Wide Network‘s (WWN) international database from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is one of the company’s ...

Sleeping Giants Enter Bed-in-a-Box Category

by Catherine Colbert

June 22, 2016


The kings of coil mattresses keep hitting the snooze button as established and newbie foam-bedding innovators jump into ...

Industry Lowdown: Manufacturing Sector

by Amy Schein

June 6, 2016

industry lowdown

Our D&B First Research editorial team compiles the latest industry tidbits to give professionals a deal-making ...

New Hair Care Products Creating Buzz

by Catherine Colbert

May 4, 2016


Not everyone can have Cher hair. But for people with finicky hair follicles that need a jolt, researchers have been ...

Marijuana Dispensaries Turn to High Design

by Catherine Colbert

April 7, 2016

Paper & Leaf marijuana dispensary

As a growing number of marijuana marketers roll out their retail establishments, intuitive interior designers hold the ...

Detergent Makers Target Men

by Catherine Colbert

March 30, 2016

Hero Clean laundry detergent bottles

A seismic shift in detergent manufacturing and marketing is taking place as more men take on the task of doing laundry. ...

Challenges Ahead for Switzerland’s Watch Industry

by Isaac Leung

February 10, 2016

Tag Heuer watch

While the luxury Swiss watch industry prospered from 2000 to 2014, when exports more than doubled to exceed $19 ...

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