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Challenges Ahead for Switzerland’s Watch Industry

by Isaac Leung

February 10, 2016

Tag Heuer watch

While the luxury Swiss watch industry prospered from 2000 to 2014, when exports more than doubled to exceed $19 ...

How CBS Aims to Take on Netflix, Hulu

by Amy Schein

February 8, 2016

CBS All Access logo

In an increasingly competitive media streaming landscape dominated by Netflix and Hulu, CBS is betting big on its ...

McDonald’s Is Cashing In on Breakfast, but Big Challenges Remain

by Michael McLellan

February 2, 2016

McDonalds breakfast McMuffin, photo by Flickr user lricharz

Last week McDonald’s posted its best quarterly sales growth in nearly four years after making its popular breakfast ...

Nielsen’s Rating System Gets an Upgrade

by Amy Schein

January 11, 2016


When it comes to measuring the size of media audiences for advertisers, Nielsen is the industry standard. However, in ...

Carmakers Converge on CES

by James Bryant

January 7, 2016

Ford Fusion Hybrid Research Vehicle

Among the drones, wearables, virtual reality gadgets, and an odor-emitting alarm clock on parade at the Consumer ...

The Business of “Star Wars”

by Amy Schein

December 14, 2015

Poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Resorting to hyberbole isn’t really an issue in a discussion of the business impact of Star Wars — when it ...

Men Represent Growing Jewelry Market

by Catherine Colbert

December 11, 2015

Man wearing rings, bracelets, and other jewelry

While women remain the industry’s primary customer, jewelry designed with men in mind is a growing market. Sales of ...

Duck Boot Makers Nip at L.L. Bean’s Heels

by Catherine Colbert

November 18, 2015

LL Bean duck boots (photo by Flickr user adwriter)

When demand spikes in the US for a particular pair of shoes, most footwear makers turn to their overseas suppliers to ...

Summer Movies Set to Rev Up Motorcycle Sales

by Catherine Colbert

October 14, 2015

Tom Cruise rides a BMW motorcycle in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The nation’s 7,000 motorcycle dealers should expect a pickup in foot traffic at a time when sales typically begin ...

The Mounting Sticker Price of the Volkswagen Scandal

by James Bryant

October 9, 2015

VW logo

This week an all-too-familiar scene played out on Capitol Hill — another executive of a major auto manufacturer ...

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