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Coffee Prices Expected to Rise through 2015

The price of arabica coffee beans climbed to a 32-month high in early October, continuing a months-long upward trend that has driven up costs for coffee retailers and consumers just […]

Health Care Spending

UnitedHealth edges out Kraft on Dow

Come this Monday, September 24, managed health care plan provider UnitedHealth Group will become one of the 30 companies that are used to calculate the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The […]

Hershey looks to hit the sweet spot with its new Lancaster line

Dark chocolate: health food in Europe?

Making any kind of health claim on food products is big business these days. Health and wellness food and drinks sales are expected to grow from $601 billion in 2010 […]

Smucker sign

Consumer foods maker Smucker is sweet on China

J. M. Smucker, the Ohio-based company known for Smucker jam, Jif peanut butter, Folgers coffee, and Hungry Jack pancake mix, has made a small but sweet investment in China. As […]


Puleeze not Mondelez

Kraft Foods yesterday unveiled the name for its new global snacks company: Mondelez International. Maybe Mondelez (pronounced mohn-dah-LEEZ) will play better in foreign markets, but the new name has received […]

ice cream

R&R Ice Cream: frozen assets for sale?

Europe’s largest private-label ice cream maker R&R Ice Cream may be put up for sale by owner Oaktree Capital. The US private equity firm has reportedly tapped Barclays Capital to […]

Oreo cookies

Still fresh, Oreo cookie brand hits 100 years old

Introduced on March 6, 1912, about a month before the Titanic sunk, the Oreo brand has soared to more than $1 billion in annual revenues for its parent company Kraft […]


Candy bar makers slim down to grow

New Year’s resolutions at Mars, Inc. are no laughing matter. The maker of Snickers and Twix candy bars is powering ahead on plans to nix sales of chocolate products that […]

The price of weight loss

10 weight loss heavyweights dish on strategy

At this time of year, when Americans step on the post-holiday scale and wince, they often end up calling on weight loss companies to help them return to their svelte […]