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Bizarre Pittsburgh proposal: will Highmark – West Penn merger work?

by Anne Law

June 29, 2011


An interesting tidbit in the news yesterday had the Hoover’s health care industry team buzzing: a major regional health ...

INC Research strikes a match with Kendle International, fans CRO consolidation flame

by Anne Law

May 5, 2011


INC Research's agreement to purchase Kendle International marks a consolidation trend in the CRO market. The merger ...

Will a Synthes implant improve J&J’s standing?

by Anne Law

April 28, 2011


In a highly anticipated announcement, Johnson & Johnson cut a deal this week to acquire orthopedic device maker ...

Valeant boldly bids for Cephalon, making $5.7 billion hostile offer to entice shareholders

by Anne Law

March 30, 2011


Valeant Pharmaceuticals has revealed its desire to move into the fast lane of an already racing pharma M&A market ...

M&As among makers of snack foods chip away at Frito-Lay

by Catherine Colbert

February 9, 2011


Bite-sized snacks are big business. While Wall Street focuses its attention on makers of semiconductor chips and movers ...

Sanofi and Genzyme ready to post marriage banns?

by Anne Law

January 31, 2011


After months of well publicized pre-marital squabbles, Sanofi-Aventis and Genzyme appear to be coming to terms with ...

Barnes & Noble and Borders Group: A Sears, Kmart Redux?

by Alexandra Biesada

December 8, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe / Barnes and Noble

Today The New York Times DealBook asks the question: Does it make sense to combine two booksellers with eroding sales ...

Genzyme rejects Sanofi’s bear hug acquisition offer

by Anne Law

August 30, 2010


After years of bold proclamations of independence, another biotech may be in the throes of an inevitable takeover. ...

Lofty Pfizer wipes out Wyeth

by Anne Law

October 19, 2009


Many large pharmaceutical mergers over the years have resulted in fused identities: 1989: Bristol-Myers + Squibb = ...

Pfizer and Wyeth merger — could it be true (love)?

by Anne Law

January 23, 2009

Reading stories about drug-making behemoth Pfizer these days has me humming the tune “perhaps, perhaps, perhaps …” The ...

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