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Oracle to take on talent in the cloud with Taleo purchase

Oracle may have once shunned the cloud, but the company officially launched its Public Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service in the fall of 2011. Since then the company has put its money where […]


Technology sector growing in Montana

Is the new Silicon Valley in … Montana? Well, that may be a bit of a stretch, but Montana is emerging as a center of technology. In a report released […]

Mobile phone patent disputes heat up

Need cash for R&D? Try suing your competitor. Patent disputes are nothing new in technology, but the latest battles — particularly in the mobile phone market — indicate they just […]

Microsoft: No longer evil, nor an empire

Microsoft is still a tough competitor, but it’s been battered by a series of legal settlements with other companies and government regulators.

From hard disks to hard courts — will Larry Ellison become an NBA owner?

What Larry Ellison wants, he usually gets. From businesses by the bushel to the America’s Cup, the billionaire CEO of Oracle is highly persistent in pursuing the things he wants. Now, […]

Oracle & Sun Micro, BFF; other tech giants are just Facebook friends now

Oracle and Sun Microsystems finally consummated their merger, after nine months of waiting. Will this tech giant be able to play nice with Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NEC, and others?

It’s the iPad! It’s going to rock the world! OMG!

Carol Bartz brought positive change to Yahoo! in her first year as CEO.

Big news: AMD-Intel, HP-3Com, Oracle-Sun

Intel’s writing a big check made out to AMD. It remains to be seen whether they’ll be writing additional checks to the European Commission and the New York State attorney general, among others.

Broadcom emulates Oracle, goes after Emulex

Broadcom is making an unsolicited bid to acquire Emulex — and they’re coming with (legal) guns blazing.

Sun Micro flips for a dime

Oracle agreed to buy Sun Microsystems. Sun better go through with the deal, because Larry Ellison won’t hesitate to pursue a hostile takeover.